US Green Economy Report

Analysis of the current and future potential for the US green economy across 25 key states


The US Green Economy Report Series is a comprehensive overview of the current status and future outlook for the “green economy” across 25 US states. The report series includes comparative analysis of current and future climate, green economy and clean energy politics/policy in the selected states; quantitative and qualitative projections on the future size and shape of the green economy in each state (including green jobs numbers by sector); and actionable recommendations to bolster the US Green Economy.


State Reports

Subnational actors have been and will remain at the forefront of necessary investment in key sectors tied to the green economy.

The US Green Economy Report Series analysed the current and potential growth of the green economy across 25 states. 

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“We see the potential growth in the US green economy as a tremendous opportunity for investment and bilateral progress from the UK perspective that can benefit both partners. This analysis of States holding key relationships with the UK identifies where we can work together to achieve more.” 

Dame Karen Pierce, UK Ambassador to the United States of America 


The US Green Economy Report Series, was developed in partnership between the UK Embassy, Climate Advisers, and The Center for Global Sustainability at the University of Maryland. Together, we have analysed policies, market factors and jobs data across 25 US states to evaluate the strength of US green economy growth in nine different emerging or growing technology sectors, while also providing new qualitative insights and future job projections for four specific segments. The report series analysed each state to come up with qualitative insights and a methodology to score progress in overall policy and action and in each sector. Quantitative indicators and projections were also leveraged to understand over time trends and determine which sectors have the greatest positive outlook in each state. This analysis was developed to understand the near-term growth and investment opportunities within the US green economy, and to assess opportunities for bilateral progress on climate action with non-federal actions in the US.