Arizona’s renewable sector is poised to see more development in the coming decades. The state ranked fifth in the country in installed solar capacity in 2020. Arizona will likely mandate that utilities source 100 percent of their power from clean energy sources including non-renewable, clean sources like nuclear, by 2050, based on rules established in late 2020 by the Arizona Corporation Commission. The interim targets for clean energy integration include 50 percent by 2032 and 75 percent by 2040. The Commission’s rule also requires that utilities store 5 percent of their grid capacity by 2035 and integrate measures by 2030 to offset 35 percent of 2020 peak demand. Despite the growth of renewables, particularly solar, natural gas and coal currently account for almost two-thirds of the state’s electricity generation. The state’s targets could be in jeopardy because Republicans opposed to these goals currently have control of the governorship and both houses of the state legislature, further demonstrating the challenges the state will face in shifting to 100 percent clean energy.


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